Coral Glam Twizzle Scarf

Coral Glam Twizzle scarf

Yarn: Patons Glam Stripes in Coral

Crochet Hook: Size 6.50


Chain 101 to 151 single crochet (SC) loops depending on how long you would like your scarf. 

Turn and SC in the chain to the end. Turn and crochet 2 SC stitches per chain and repeat until you reach desired frilliness, or finish skein of yarn, whichever comes first. 

Tie off and tuck ends into stitches.

I also made one in Purple (Royal Glam Twizzle) and White (Snow Glam Twizzle).


Metallic Green Mesh infinity scarf

Yarn: 1 skein of Paton's Metallic Green Mesh 

Crochet Hook: Size 5.00


Chain 17 single crochet (SC) loops. Start Double Crochet (DC) stitches in the 15th stitch (two loops back) and DC to end. Add two SC and repeat pattern until you get close to end of the skein (or to length you wish).  Bring two ends together and attach together using blanket stitches (push hook through stitches and pull yarn through and repeat until the end). Tie off and pull yarn through stitches to weave in.